Gold & Silver Bullion
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Orders smaller than $5,000

Shop, order, and pay online!  Have your order shipped directly to you any time of day! Gold & silver bullion,  jewelry & accessories. 

Monthly Subscriptions

Take monthly delivery of gold & silver bars and rounds on auto-ship. Gain exclusive wholesale membership discounts on all future orders regardless of size!

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Discount Wholesale Pricing

Exclusive discount pricing for monthly subscribers or orders greater than $5,000. Contact us as your broker when you're ready to buy. 

Investment Grade Gold Jewelry

Order gold bullion that has been refined into wearable jewelry!
Historically, gold jewelry is the safest form of gold from government confiscation and also makes for a good portable medium of transfer if travelling internationally.
Not only that, but it looks very aesthetic and stylish!

Check out our partnership with Mene for ethically sourced, investment grade gold jewelry.

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More Resources
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Free Bullion Course

Get Bullion Certified with our free Introduction To Precious Metals course!

Secure Storage

Store your bullion at home or in our State of the Art, secure & insured, segregated vault storage. 

Gold & Silver IRA's

Setup a Self Directed IRA with us where you can buy and store physical gold & silver with your retirement funds!

Sell Your Bullion

Use our online members only platform to sell your bullion & precious metals on a private exchange!

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Live Bullion Market Tracker:
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Important Note: 

"Spot" pricing refers to the price pure gold and pure silver trade at on the market. This price is based on what a bullion wholesaler will buy at from a Mint or Assay.  Spot is not the price that retail investors or consumers pay. Expect to pay spot price, plus a wholesale markup, and plus an additional dealer premium. It is important not to confuse the spot price with the retail or wholesale purchase price.

Gold Spot Price:
Gold Price
Silver Spot Price:
Silver Price
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Economic News:
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