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The first thing to realize is that investing in gold & silver requires a strategy.

It’s not just “buy and wait till the dollar crashes and you’ll be rich.”

Anyone will sell you some gold & silver, but we actually provide you with a real strategy.

The next thing to realize (and this is industry insider information) is that the Big Box retailers don’t make money selling you gold and silver.

They make money selling your personal information to 3rd party marketers and your trade history to banks and hedge funds so they can short your positions for a profit.

YOU are the product.

Not gold and silver.

No different than what Robinhood did with Gamestop and the same reason why Social Media platforms are free.

Other people want your data and these guys will sell it to them. In other words, “cheap” gold & silver is the cheese on the trap and YOU are the mouse.

Lastly and most importantly is that when you become a Mintbuilder subscriber, 3 major things happen:

1. You are now empowered to share the truth about money with others through your own gold & silver business with Wealth DynamX.

2. A portion of your monthly membership gets donated to feeding starving children all across the globe.

3. You get discount, wholesale pricing on all of your future purchases.

We didn’t get into the bullion business to sell cheap bullion and compete for the lowest price in order to obtain your data and sell it for more than we could ever make on bullion sales.

We got into the bullion business because for us it is a Movement.

A Movement of helping as many people as we can achieve greater financial freedom in life.

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